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Hey and thank you for your reply,
(1) I am specifying the IP address of the BMC (HPE iLO4). The BMC IP is not on a subnet directly connected, but it is routable (I can ping it). There is only 1 MAAS server (region controller and rack controller on the same server).
(2) I enabled DHCP on the correct interface with untagged vlan (see snapshot, and specified a range. As I mentioned, I can see the incoming dhcp requests on the interface, on untagged packets.
(3) Version: 2.1.3+bzr5573-0ubuntu1~16.04.1 .
(4) syslog at: . I saw mostly messages from the MAAS server dhclient, which seems to send dhcp discover on all ports periodically, which I don't believe should conflict with anything.
In /var/lib/maas:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------root at dl-360-143:~# cat /var/lib/maas/dhcpd-interfaces; echoeno49root at dl-360-143:~# cat /var/lib/maas/dhcp/dhcpd.leases# The format of this file is documented in the dhcpd.leases(5) manual page.# This lease file was written by isc-dhcp-4.3.3
server-duid "\000\001\000\001 .\312\375<\250*\374\347p";----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I also don't see any listener on port 67, but since it's udp, I'm not sure I'm supposed to see it:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------root at dl-360-143:~# netstat -tulpn | grep -w 67 | wc -l
How can I get the status of MAAS dhcp server?

    On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 10:59 PM, Mike Pontillo <mike.pontillo at> wrote:

 On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 3:04 PM, Yinon <yinonby.hpe at> wrote:

Regarding the pxe boot - I can see the incoming dhcp discover to port 67, and there is no response from the pxe server (MAAS server).So no IP, and no pxe boot is successful.
Regarding BMC - I can ping the iLO address from the MAAS server.

   Thanks for your feedback, and for giving MAAS a try. I looked through the logs; I have a few comments/questions that might be relevant.
(1) MAAS works best when you use IP addresses rather than hostnames to address BMCs, /and/ those IP addresses are on subnets directly connected to the MAAS server. This is recommended both to help to ensure that network or DNS failures cannot impact MAAS management of servers, and for HA; if you run multiple rack controllers, MAAS will need to select which one to communicate with the BMC on, and can do that more reliably if it is on a directly-attached IP subnet, specified by an IP address. If MAAS cannot make that determination, if should attempt to fall back to trying to determine if the BMC is routable from a rack controller. (It sounds like that fallback might be happening in your case; if that's true, we could have a bug.) - Are you specifying a hostname or IP address for your BMC? - Is the BMC connected directly to a subnet configured on the MAAS server, or is it only available via routing? (You can use "ip route get <bmc-ip-address>" to determine that.)
(2) In order for DHCP (and, thus, PXE booting) to operate, the appropriate VLAN must be enabled for DHCP management in MAAS, and a dynamic IP range must be set up for [a] subnet(s) on that VLAN. If MAAS is nether responding to DHCP nor TFTP requests for PXE booting, check that DHCP is enabled on the appropriate VLAN. (Usually to do this, you browse to it under the Subnets tab and click on the 'untagged' VLAN that is displayed next to the subnet(s) you wish to manage.) If the network model in MAAS does not match your physical topology, MAAS might not enable DHCP on the correct interface. So it would be good to double-check that.
(3) What specific version of MAAS you're using. (We should really print that out in the logs, to be honest.) From the logs, it looks like at least 2.1. (Is it 2.1.3 -- the latest in xenial-updates -- I hope?)
(4) You might want to take a look at /var/log/syslog (check for messages from dhcp) and in /var/lib/maas (check for DHCP configuration files to see if they are correct).
   Hope that helps.

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