Accessing the metadata API?

Jim Tilander jim at
Wed Feb 1 21:47:35 UTC 2017

> * Is there a stable API endpoint that one can call during deployment scripts? 
> If you are trying to get status of the machine, you could use the machines endpoint to see its status, or the events endpoint to show the events for the specific machine. Is there any specific information you are looking for? 

What’s the URL for the machines that I would use? Wouldn’t I need my own ID for that? 

All I wanted to do was to reliably lookup my own FQDN, as well optionally get some custom payload for each node into a script that runs during setup.

> * Can one call the metadata API post deployment?
> * How are the nodes supposed to authenticate? I keep getting Forbidden replies.
> This may be an indication of mis-configuration. Please make sure that /etc/maas/rackd.conf points to an IP the machines you are commissioning/deploying can access to, and in port 5240. (e.g. maas_url: <>)

I’m fairly certain that it works, as when I mess up that URL, the boot process stops much earlier than my curtin scripts fire. (I tried to use https, which didn’t work, but it did prove that the setting is used during the boot process).


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