How does MAAS pick which volume to boot from?

Daniel K sathackr at
Tue Dec 5 01:27:06 UTC 2017

I know how to select the boot volume in the node configuration page -- I'm
referring to the actual physical drive that the PXE bootloader boots when a
node is powered up. And if there is a way to change this in the node

I'm having an issue installing to the micro-sd card of some HP SL230S
servers. The card is detected, I configure the node to mount the card at
"/" using the btrfs filesystem and tick the boot radio button next to it.
Deploying completes up to the final reboot. the PXE boot selects the wrong
drive and I get a "illegal opcode" error.

If I manually interrupt the boot sequence and select the SD card as the
boot device, the server boots.


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