[Maas-devel] Packaging changes needed

Julian Edwards julian.edwards at canonical.com
Tue Mar 18 01:10:34 UTC 2014

Hey Andres

I'm sending this to summarise the changes we need in the packaging to support 
some new features upstream.  I mentioned one already but not the other.

 - After the cluster package gets installed, post-install needs to call "maas-
provision upgrade-cluster".  This is a generic hook that will do some cluster-
specific upgrade work.  We've made it generic so that the packaging need not 
change again; the hook will always DTRT.

 - "maas-region-admin edit-named-options", this will edit the 
/etc/bind/named.conf.options file so that it includes the 
named.conf.options.inside.maas file, which contains the 'forwarders' setting.  
It makes a backup of the old file with the suffix

Obviously this needs to run after the part that calls set-up-dns/write-dns-


(sorry if you are getting this twice, I had a problem the first time)

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