[ubuntu/lunar-security] amd64-microcode 3.20220411.1ubuntu3.2 (Accepted)

Alex Murray alex.murray at canonical.com
Wed Aug 30 00:31:47 UTC 2023

amd64-microcode (3.20220411.1ubuntu3.2) lunar-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: INCEPTION - information leak via speculative execution
    - amd-ucode/microcode_amd_fam19h.bin{.asc}: update AMD fam19h cpu
      microcode and signature for Inception vulnerability
    - New microcodes:
      Family=0x19 Model=0x11 Stepping=0x01: Patch=0x0a10113e Length=5568 bytes
      Family=0x19 Model=0x11 Stepping=0x02: Patch=0x0a10123e Length=5568 bytes
      Family=0x19 Model=0xa0 Stepping=0x01: Patch=0x0aa00116 Length=5568 bytes
      Family=0x19 Model=0xa0 Stepping=0x02: Patch=0x0aa00212 Length=5568 bytes
    - Updated microcodes:
      Family=0x19 Model=0x01 Stepping=0x00: Patch=0x0a001079 Length=5568 bytes
      Family=0x19 Model=0x01 Stepping=0x01: Patch=0x0a0011d1 Length=5568 bytes
      Family=0x19 Model=0x01 Stepping=0x02: Patch=0x0a001234 Length=5568 bytes
    - CVE-2023-20569

Date: 2023-08-21 07:55:08.652024+00:00
Changed-By: Alex Murray <alex.murray at canonical.com>
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