[lubuntu-users] What happened?? apt freezes during dist-upgrade in kinetic??

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 17:38:52 UTC 2022


Once again in Lu can't access Discourse, so posting here . . . running
kinetic this morning and executed "apt update && apt dist-upgrade" . . .
showed a few hundred packages to install . . . midway through on #52???
there was a "hang" on what might have been "initrd - 5.15xxxxx"  and there
was an "error" showing in the update applet . . . something about "package
number count"???  Concurrently FireFox disappeared from the internet menu .
. . .

I couldn't "ctrl-c" out of the hang in the console . . . couldn't launch
synaptic because "apt" was locking access . . . didn't know the precise
command to "force quit apt" . . . I also tried "apt -f install" but that
wouldn't override apt's lock on the system.  Finally just shut down out of

On cold boot in spite of hanging "halfway" . . . now it showed only one
package left to upgrade . . . a language package??  But it showed "5.15
xxx" to be removed in "autoremove"??  so it was previously trying to
install it and then changed its mind??

uname -r right now shows 5.13.0-16-generic . . . I didn't update grub via
the master grub controller in another OS . . . to see if that would get the
kernel closer to 6.15???  Running a multi-boot grub situation . . . .  But
there hasn't been this kind of "hang" in running apt in Lu in quite some
time . . . ?????  something got sideways in the dist-upgrade in kinetic . .
. .
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