[lubuntu-users] Lumina Desktop?

Thunder Beaver ThunderBeaver at riseup.net
Thu May 6 17:08:40 UTC 2021


Anyone ever use https://lumina-desktop.org/ ? It's a lightweight C++/Qt5
based DE. It's built to be modular and uses Fluxbox as the WM.
A few years ago there was a PPA but that no longer is maintained. Any
chance someone could take it over?

(Personally, I don't want to even try building it from source. I don't
think I can pull in every single component from the repos and piecemeal
it together. Even if I did, the defaults won't have the finesse I'm sure
the folks at Lumina add to give it a beautiful, easy, cohesive
experience out of the box. But hey, if you did, share your experiences!)

Maybe in the future it could be a default install option for Lubuntu?
The names fit so well together! lol

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