[lubuntu-users] Installing Lubuntu 20.04 through USB

nige7633 nige7633 at protonmail.com
Mon May 4 21:38:14 UTC 2020

I need Help.
I am trying to Install Lubuntu 20.4 on my Linx 8 Tablet.  I have used it through USB and want to install it.
However when I get to the screen that asks me which drive I want to install on, it doesn't give me an option to erase the disk. It will only Allow me to Partion the dive myself.
Unfortunately I dont have the necessary Skills to do this as I am unfamiliar with partitioning Linux based Drives. Can any one help.  The current Drive is Formatted in NTFS and has Windows 10 installed.
I want to wipe Windows completely and install Lubuntu.

Thank You.

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