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Aere Greenway aere at dvorak-keyboards.com
Fri May 1 16:00:24 UTC 2020

(See below, bottom-posted, as they request us to do)

On 5/1/20 8:53 AM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Aere G:
> <Posting above the fray, for speed>
> So it looks like overall the Lu 20+ install is "OK" . . . except for 
> the issue with Chromium ID in the drop down menu??
> Having just done a couple of upgrade moves to get to 20.10 in both of 
> my ubuntu distros, I do recall seeing a wiki that seemed to suggest 
> going from LTS to the next LTS, in this case 18.04 . . . and then to 
> 20.04 . . . you may have gone through that process, but it wasn't 
> spelled out . . . **possibly** if you jumped from 16 straight outta 
> compton to 20????  that may have got some stuff "mishandled"????
> Usually if there is some issue, even "bug report" level stuff, after a 
> few updates they often "just disappear . . . gone . . . just like 
> that, gone . . . ."
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 7:17 PM Aere Greenway 
> <aere at dvorak-keyboards.com <mailto:aere at dvorak-keyboards.com>> wrote:
>     (I posted on the bottom, below)
>     On 4/30/20 4:50 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
>>     AG:
>>     OK, well, that might be "exclusive," as in my lxde desktop
>>     session I have a visual listing of it . . . .  Did you run
>>     another "apt update/dist-upgrade" subsequently to your install?
>>     On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 2:48 PM Aere Greenway
>>     <aere at dvorak-keyboards.com <mailto:aere at dvorak-keyboards.com>> wrote:
>>         On 4/30/20 12:15 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
>>>         Aere:
>>>         I was running Lu 20.04 up until it was released and now I'm
>>>         in 20.10 . . . I have Chromium browser installed and it is
>>>         plainly in view in the "internet" menu . . .also in the drop
>>>         down is "chrome apps" . . . .  It's been so long since I did
>>>         the install,possibly through synaptics . . . it should be
>>>         there, I might think that whether in LXQT or LXDE if it's
>>>         installed, it's "installed."
>>>         All I can think of is perhaps you did something "wrong."????
>>>           : - )))))))))
>>>         F
>>         It does appear in the menu when using the Lubuntu, or lxqt
>>         desktop.  It just doesn't appear in the menu when using the
>>         lxde desktop.
>>         -- 
>>         Sincerely,
>>         Aere
>     I originally installed Lubuntu as a test system, and I kept
>     updating it to the latest version.  I'm not sure which level I
>     started with.
>     When I upgraded to Lubuntu 20.04 (in a terminal session, using
>     "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"), things seemed to be working well,
>     and I was able to install my Eclipse Java development environment,
>     and things were working well.
>     My Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade (which I was thinking of switching to),
>     didn't end up with a working Eclipse development environment.
>     Using the LXDE desktop on Lubuntu 20.04, I was able to even use my
>     strange color scheme, which I like a lot, and things were working
>     in Eclipse.
>     So I restored my production files from 16.04 to the 20.04 system,
>     and started working with that.
>     That process proceeded without many problems, so I 'transferred my
>     flag' to the new system.
>     I'm just now cleaning up the last few 'rough edges'.
>     The thing I like most about the new system, is that Rosegarden now
>     loads channel recording filters (which it didn't on 16.04, and
>     LibreOffice Writer, once again allows you to produce HTML files
>     where graphics images are linked-to in the HTML file, rather than
>     forcing you to embed them as data within the HTML file.
>     I've been using an old copy of openSUSE Linux for editing HTML
>     web-pages, because of the need to keep the graphics images
>     separate.  But now, I can use my production system to do it once
>     again.
>     -- 
>     Sincerely,
>     Aere
Probably, the system I used, was a fresh-install of Lubuntu 18.10, to 
which I added my MIDI music & KeyMusician Keyboard test applications, 
and did my testing.

That system was upgraded (and tested) through 19.04, 19.10 (which I set 
up to use the LXDE desktop), and finally to 20.04, recently.  The 
release notes say you can't upgrade from 18.04 to any of the later levels.

I took that test system, installed a lot of applications (including the 
Eclipse Java development environment, which is a snap-package), with the 
idea of evaluating it as a production system.

I then restored all my home directory files, using the Backups 
application (deja-dup) from a backup taken on my Lubuntu 16.04 system.

I installed a number of other applications I realized I needed 
(including Chromium), and started using the new system.  I tried out 
both the LXDE desktop, and the LXQT desktop.

Surprisingly, there were few problems.  Chromium not appearing in the 
menu being one of them.

I have gone nearly a week with the new system now, and am able to do all 
the things I normally do.


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