[lubuntu-users] Spotify app menu setting malfunction

Dan Simmons kc2bez at lubuntu.me
Sun Jul 19 18:51:53 UTC 2020

I tested this on Lubuntu 20.04 by installing the snap of Spotify. I am
unable to reproduce this issue. When I click on the menu items my
default browser (Firefox) opens a spotify login web page. Which browser
do you have set by default? Also, you could try to run the snap from the
terminal by using `snap run spotify` so you can watch for errors.
Likewise, running the .deb from the terminal would show errors too.


On 7/17/20 5:46 PM, Игорь Трещёв wrote:
> Hello,
> Spotify app (both snap and deb. version) doesn't allow to enter menu
> setting. It just lists the titles of menu but doesn't react to
> clicking on them.
> It happened on 19.10 and it does on 20.04 versions.
> On Ubuntu-mate it works !
> Could you, please, explain how to fix it on Lubuntu ?
> Best regards,
> Igor.
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