[lubuntu-users] Can I Use Other Desktops With Lubuntu (Aere Greenway)

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 14:35:18 UTC 2020

> Lubuntu Users:
> I currently have Lubuntu 20.04 installed.  In that system, I installed
> the LXDE desktop, which works fine.
> Is it also possible to install the Gnome desktop in that system, and use
> that (choosing which desktop at login time)?
> I know it will use a fair amount of disk-space, but that isn't a problem
> for me.
> --
> Sincerely,
> Aere
> Aere:

There can be "issues" when running different DEs, like when I was messing
with LM a few years back their Cinnamon DE didn't seem to be too friendly
to others; but in linux theory it should be "problem free" . . . .

Back in the PPC days I ran Xubuntu with LXDE added . . . didn't seem to
cause problems . . . .  Now I have multiple OSs, and instead of having
multiple DEs I have variations of DE in the different systems . . . Plasma
seems to be very popular these days, and Lu is I think borrowing from
Plasma to do what it does, could be going to Plasma DE should be compatible
with modern Lu . . . or I have XFCE as the driver for one of my Manjaro
installs . . . XFCE is pretty good . . . lots of services, etc.  Cheap, etc.

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