[lubuntu-users] Obstructive screen keyboard during greeter screen

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Wed Jan 29 17:01:54 UTC 2020

Setup: Focal running lubuntu in newly built vbox vm.

Built the vm with zfs-on-root and initially setup to just boot into

Once I got X working, I still login to console (by choice) and at some
point restart sddm.  I'm then met with a greeter screen (sddm I think)
with A login Icon waiting for my passwd, and another Icon near upper
left corner offering a selection of desktops.

If, I'm not fast enough getting started selecting and giving passwd a
screen keyboard takes over obliterating greeter screen., And I mean
really fast.  Very little time is provided to use the desktop select
(if desired) and type in passwd. If you don't make the cut an
infernal screen keyboard takes over. I've never met this keyboard
before in several buildings of 20.04.

How can I turn the keyboard off, and hopefully keep the greet screen
until I decide to use it.

I may have turned it on or something. I initially played around with
different desktops.  I do not recall it, but I did fiddle with stuff.

Is the screen keyboard for login, something that is select-able.  can I
just deselect it somewhere?

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