[lubuntu-users] now with more non-English support!

Walter Lapchynski wxl at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 17 23:19:42 UTC 2020

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Lubuntu Globalization Team, as well
as the work of several other folks to get all the infrastructure set up,
I'm pleased to announce that Lubuntu now offers more support for users
whose native language is not English.

We now have IRC channels (which are naturally bridged to Matrix via
Matrix.org) that are bridged to Telegram and we have subcategories in
the Support category on our Discourse forum for the following languages:

 * Arabic
 * Chinese
 * French
 * German
 * Italian
 * Japanese
 * Portuguese
 * Spanish
 * Russian

To get to these channels, please see:

We don't have separate links for the Discourse site since all the
languages are available from the Discourse site itself:

If anyone out there can communicate effectively in these languages, I
urge you to sit on the channels and watch the forum and offer help
whenever possible. 

       @wxl | polka.bike
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