[lubuntu-users] Assistance with partitioning 20.04

Stack Korora stackkorora at disr.it
Thu Apr 30 19:53:29 UTC 2020

On 4/28/20 10:03 PM, Stack Korora wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm really struggling with getting the partitioning of Lubuntu 20.04 on
> my laptop and would appreciate some assistance. It's a very straight
> forward layout that I've used for years and years. Yet I feel like I'm
> losing my sanity with this new installer.
> 500MB /boot (or on my newest laptop /boot/efi
> The rest of the disk is LUKS + LVM where:
> 15GB /
> 2GB swap
> 10GB /tmp <- needed for an app I use
> everything else /home
> Simple! The alternate installers let me configure this without an issue.
> However, it is my understanding that there will not be an alternate
> installer for 20.04. And this new GUI installer is mind-boggling insane
> and severely irking me.


I spent some time last night poking at the installer trying different things. Basically, installing with LVM is just borked in the current installer. Even excluding LUKS and just trying to do a simple 1 partition LVM doesn't work because it doesn't allow you to add to the LVM, just set an LVM partition. Yes, it creates a new drop down when you create the physical volume group (cleverly hidden in a menu behind the disk you are installing to) but it doesn't allow adding a logical volume.

I did manage to do an install where I simply had /boot/efi and / partitions with a partition marked for LVM (but unused) so I could have taken the time to just carve out the LVM the way I want and sync/mount them. But I didn't want to mess with that, plus I wanted to experiment more. Eventually, I settled on just doing "physical" partitions encrypted with LUKS carved up the way I want it. I don't get any of the niceties of LVM, but at least it works.

So there are two major faults of the installer, in my opinion.
1. LVM is just completely non-functional unless the work was already done outside of the installer.
2. The installer doesn't allow the user to unlock LUKS.

I discovered a simple test for the second one; start up the installer and create a new partition. Check the box for encrypted and give it a password. Typo the mount point to be /hmoe and save to go back to the main partitioner screen. Now edit that new partition to fix the typo...can't can you? Nope...At least I couldn't figure it out. Had to delete the partition and re-create it.

Don't know if anyone will find this feedback useful, but at least I've got an install that I'm "happy" with the partitions. 

Thank you,

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