[lubuntu-users] Error: "system program problem" . . . report now?

Walter Lapchynski wxl at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 27 17:51:39 UTC 2019

On 2019-06-27 17:42, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> when logging in I get an error
> saying "system program problem" . . . "report now" or "cancel" . . 

Anything in /var/crash? Did you try reporting?

> The dsmeg?? window

Why don't you pastebin up /var/log/syslog and dmesg?

> now I can't scroll
> through grub to get to other options

Can you get to GRUB at all?

 or back to Leap to see if somehow

> The OSX options will not show up, and seemingly one of them has been
> wiped?

Is one of the OS X options removed or all of them? What does `lsblk`
tell you?

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