[lubuntu-users] Error: "system program problem" . . . report now?

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 17:42:44 UTC 2019


Been having some "problems" in my multi-boot set up running a few different
versions of OSX with a few versions of linux . . . grub seems to have lost
the ability to select from among the choices in spite of running
"update-grub" a number of times . . . .

But, in both of the ubuntu systems I have recently re-installed, Lubuntu
19.10 and U-MATE 18.04 . . . when logging in I get an error saying "system
program problem" . . . "report now" or "cancel" . . . but it doesn't offer
a "show details" drop down arrow to take a look at . . . the details.

Running synaptic "fix dependencies" . . . it appears to "do something" but
it doesn't show any details . . . running "-f install" . . . also doesn't
appear to show anything.

The dsmeg?? window seems to show "initramfs unpacking failed" . . . but,
then it will load the GUI . . . right now I can only get into Lubuntu . . .

A week or so back I had some issues in Leap 15.1 where a kernel update
seemed to "break" nouveau and caused problems with grub, which I got help
to add "nomodeset" into the grub listing for Leap . . . and then I added
nvidia drivers . . . seemed to help over there, but, now seemingly there is
again an issue in ubuntu?  But, now I can't scroll through grub to get to
other options or back to Leap to see if somehow "nomodeset" is causing
conflict across the system . . . .

The OSX options will not show up, and seemingly one of them has been
wiped?  Anyway, this question is to find out if there is a way to "see"
what the "system program problem" might be?  The GUI error window isn't
providing that data, whereas it seemed like in the past error windows would
show some details to "give a clue"??

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