[lubuntu-users] The ending of various technological "waves"

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 17:21:07 UTC 2019

That could very well happen.
> But of course, those perfectly-useful machines could eventually die a
> 'natural computer death', as well, rather than being junked because there
> is no modern OS to run on them.
> So far though, they are working well, and going strong, accomplishing
> useful tasks for me.
> It may surprise a lot of people to hear that the slower machines are
> actually more valuable to me, because they allow me to test if my software
> really does work on 'older, slower machines', as I claim on my website.
> Strangely, my 32-bit MacBook seems to have a better display than my later
> 64-bit MacBook.  And with Linux, it makes a perfectly good musical
> instrument for performances.
> --
> Sincerely,
> Aere

Possibly the 32-bit MacBook might have an Nvidia graphics card, which
generally seems to bring a crisper display than the Radeon options . . . .
Apple seems to "mix n match" the hardware in different platforms, so to
make it seem competitive with PC choices?

And, right, "the wish for a natural death" scenario, rather than "induced
death due to lack of support" . . . I've tried to keep my old PPC machines
going, unnaturally adding parts to revive them from zombie state . . . but,
the pull of the technological wave seems to keep sending them back . . .
and then the new parts don't have the right connectors . . . making it
difficult to sustain "life" . . . .

It's somewhat like "newer, fresher horsies" are the "better" choice in the
cost/benefit ratio of time management theory . . . ??

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