[lubuntu-users] goodbye forever, i386 (Aere Greenway)

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Sun Jul 14 01:52:26 UTC 2019

On 7/13/19 6:41 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
>     Where my Lubuntu 18.04 i386 systems all started to no longer boot
>     reliably, it motivated me to switch them to Debian.
>     The things that cause me problems with Debian, so far, is that
>     there is a long delay during the reboot after installing Debian 9,
>     where it seems to be doing nothing at all, and you really have to
>     just wait for it to complete.  Debian 10 doesn't have that
>     problem, and uses the same installer as Lubuntu 18.10 (Calamares).
>     The other problem, is that wireless support on Debian is much
>     poorer than with Ubuntu.  It surprised me that I have only one
>     wireless dongle that works with Debian out-of-the-box.  After some
>     effort installing things, I was able to get the Broadcom (b43)
>     wireless of my HP Mini working.  The wireless of my 32-bit MacBook
>     also worked out-of-the-box.
>     From what I read, all of the Debian releases are supported for 5
>     years, so Debian 10 should be good until July of 2024.
>     I now know enough to help my kids migrate their systems to Debian 10.
>     Where so many of my machines are now on Debian, perhaps I should
>     join that band of Debian purists.
>     -- 
>     Sincerely,
>     Aere
> AG:
> So far the Sid/Buster system I have installed has been pretty clear to 
> get done on the install, and in this machine I use ethernet . . . so 
> no problems connecting; but I do get the "you should install the b43 
> module" . . . error, but I just ignore it.  When I first installed it 
> Buster/Sid booted up super fast, flew through the dmesg page and into 
> the GUI log in in the blink of an eye . . . but, over time we've had 
> some growing pains and it lashed out at the other systems . . . doing 
> damage . . . and so other systems had to be re-installed after the 
> Sid/Buster . . . and that seemed to get Buster to "lose track of swap" 
> and other errors requiring "thought processing" on the boot up . . . 
> and so now it boots fairly sedately . . . for a 64 bit system.
> You could try to join the purists, but they seem to be "picky" . . . 
> and not exactly "warm" . . . being more on the "technical" side of the 
> personality spectrum . . . .
> But, it does seem a bit "early" for problems to be showing up in 18.04 
> ?? which should still be "current" LTS across the platforms??  Anyway, 
> you would have had to move to keep the 32 bit units going sometime 
> soon . . . perhaps Debian will have more motivation to support the 32 
> bit crowd compared to the low motivation for the bleating PPC crowd . 
> . . where the "death of PPC" was a slow and lingering thing, followed 
> by dropping it like a stone ?? : - (((((
> F

It did surprise me that all my 32-bit systems on Lubuntu 18.04 stopped 
booting reliably.

It is probably (I'm speculating) a side effect of when something in 
software is scheduled to be dropped, it's easy (perhaps natural) for its 
testing to diminish.

Where every one of my i386 machines suddenly stopped booting reliably 
(after applying updates), it suggests to me that no testing of i386 
systems was being done, at all.

I did report the bug, and they are working on it, but fixes so far just 
avoid the crash during boot, and have no effect on the longer time 
rebooting is taking.

So far, I haven't had to re-install other system partitions on the same 
machine.  I have been watching for that.

Debian does require more disk space than Lubuntu.  And a Debian system 
installed in a partition might have enough disk space to run, but not to 

It is nice that Debian upgrades to later levels, though the process is 
much more involved than it is in Ubuntu (Ubuntu upgrade is easier).


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