[lubuntu-users] Problems on apt update/upgrade and Lubuntu QA Disco--"authentication failed" ?

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:17:41 UTC 2019

Ran an apt update/upgrade for Lu 19.04 yesterday showing quite a number of
packages worth something like 273 MB to download and install.  And for the
first time in awhile there were some questions like "OK to start and stop
applications?" (I said yes) . . . and another query to which the only
option selected was "OK" which I OK'd.

The download went pretty fast and the installing began . . . after the
questions I stepped away from the computer for a few minutes . . . when I
came back there was a screensaver saving the screen . . . I jiggled the
mouse . . . a small "authentication failed" window appeared, briefly and
then disappeared . . . I repeated the exercise and it appeared again . . .
at one point it stayed long enough to try to type a password . . . did not
accept it . . . ????  Could not get past the screensaver . . . .

Using all my spidey skills I summoned a TTY log in . . . and was able to
log in . . . ran "apt -f install" and all it showed were the old kernels to
autoremove . . . which I did.  After that I rebooted from the TTY and after
getting to grub the Lubuntu option loaded and all seemed to be "normal."

This might be the "third" incident in 19.04 that otherwise is fine, but a
few items that show that this is "developmental branch" . . . welcome to
the dirty tricks squad, etc--root user "authentication fails" during
routine operation.


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