[lubuntu-users] No Sound in 20.04??

Nio Wiklund wiklund.olle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 19:11:02 UTC 2019

Den 2019-12-14 kl. 19:42, skrev Fritz Hudnut:
> Gents:
> Maybe I spoke too soon about how "everything appears the same in 20.04" 
> . . . just tried to play a YT video of a singer . . . the sound applet 
> shows "sound" is "on" . . . I went into Pulse Audio and it seems like 
> there should be "sound" . . . YT sound bar was maxed . . . and yet there 
> was nothing but visual and the sound of silence???
> Is this like back in the 12.04 days where alsamixer had to be launched 
> and stuff had to be adjusted there?  I forgot "alsamixer" until I was 
> typing this out, but still, seems like in the upgrade from 19.10 to 
> 20.04 sound got dropped??
> F

Hi Fritz,

Please remember that Focal Fossa is still in the development phase. It 
will not be released until April next year, and we must be prepared for 
temporary glitches (and maybe even some show-stopping bugs) during this 

As a matter of fact, I do not consider an LTS version ready until the 
release of the first point release in July or August. By that time it 
will probably be well debugged and polished.

Best regards

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