[lubuntu-users] Upgraded to focal via console "release-upgrade" but it comes up with a giant 19????

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 00:41:35 UTC 2019


So I spent the last month trying to figure out how to fix a recent
Tumbleweed install that got lost in grub or somewhere . . . finally got it
straightened out via "chroot-ing" . . . don't understand why that worked
after trying a bunch of stuff . . . ??

So today I was doing some stuff in Lu 19.10 . . . and after my TW
"adventures" I was thinking that 19.10 was "getting a little worn out," a
little too easy . . . but I didn't want to go through the hassle of editing
the /etc/apt/sources.list . . . again . . . .  So I found the ubuntu wiki
on doing the forced upgrade . . . didn't think it through too much, just
ran it in the GUI console, and seems like it more or less took care of it .
. . couldn't really have been much simpler.  It just deletes third party
apps, so I had to add the mkusb ppa back in . . . I guess at some point
I'll have to delete the "eoan" stuff from the sources.list or software
sources???  seems to have left some trails of "eoan" behind . . . .

Otherwise, I can't say there is too much difference in the 20 GUI from 19 .
. . in fact there was a GIANT "19" in the middle of the log in screen???
What's up with dat??  : - )))))  It should have been, "This one goes to
twenty, maaaannnnnn . . . ."

I'll try to pay attention to anything that seems to be requiring attention
in the coming months . . .
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