[lubuntu-users] C4C Lubuntu ReSpin18.04.2

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at computers4christians.org
Fri Apr 12 22:38:29 UTC 2019

Dear Lubuntu Users,The C4C Lubuntu ReSpin has just been updated to 18.04.2. The 3.9 GB ISO is housed on five different servers listed at Computers4Christians' website [http://computers4christians.org/Download.htm] and runs live and/or is easily installed via DVD or USB flash drive on most any desktop, laptop, tower or mini-tower made in the last 10 years.This *Christian* focused distro for 64-bit computers removes a hand full of default software packages from Lubuntu, but adds so many more; Bible Desktop, Catfish, Diatheke, FileZilla, Geany, GIMP, Gnash, GnuCash, Gufw, Inkscape, numlockx, LibreOffice, OpenJDK Java 11, p7zip, Pulse Audio Sound Control, VLC, Scribus, Systemback, Thunderbird, Verse, Wide Margin, Xiphos, Xpdf and XScreenSaver. As one part of the Body of Christ, Computers4Christians (C4C) seeks to lead unbelievers to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to nurture believers in discipleship. See a more comprehensive list of Christian items included in the C4 Lubuntu ReSpin here: http://computers4christians.org/C4C.html#christianThanks for Reading,May God Bless You,and Happy Easter!Eric BradshawComputers4Christianshttp://computers4christians.org
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