[lubuntu-users] Wish list for Lu Disco

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 09:38:16 UTC 2019

On Sat, 30 Mar 2019 at 17:30, Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Folks:
> Been playing around with Disco for a tad bit, and overall it's fine, a few GUI items that seem a bit declasse' in comparison to the very rich visuals of many of the apps . . . .
> But, one "issue" that I've found to be "problematic" is the seeming lack of a log in window button for "suspend" . . . sometimes I like to boot up the system, but then I've got other things to do, before logging in, or I'm going to be doing something so I want to officially "log out" or "not log in" yet . . . but I want to "suspend" operations . . . .  Seems like from the log in window in Lu I have the choice of a large "shut down" button, or a large "restart" button???
> Over in the distant cousin of Ubuntu-MATE I can and will "suspend" from the drop down menu in the user log in window . . . very handy to be able to do that.  I do "realize" that if I "suspend" from the logged in Lu system it asks for a password to get back into the system, but as I'm moving around from linux system to OSX to another linux . . . many of the other systems offer "suspend" or "sleep" from the user log in window . . . but seemingly Disco is not offering that option???

That's surprising to me. You'd start a computer in order to put it to
sleep? How bizarre! :-)

But I guess if it's old and slow, which is in part Lubuntu's target...

You also mention OS X. I often want to sleep or shut down OS X from
the lock screen, when I have a session open. Not beforehand. Is there
a way to do that? I don't know of one.

Aside: for people struggling with very old or slow machines, I have a
possible tip. I recently bought an old Sony Vaio P, which is a
sub-netbook: i.e. even smaller than a netbook. It has an unusual
half-depth form-factor, an Atom with hyperthreading and is maxed out
with 2 GB of RAM.

I tried it with Xubuntu, which IME is similar in resource usage to
Lubuntu but rather more customisable. It was still very slow.

So last weekend I reformatted with Devuan, which is a fairly new fork
of Debian with the big systemd init daemon removed. It's now
considerably faster and much more usable. It might be worth a look now
that Lubuntu is going 64-bit only.

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