[lubuntu-users] [lubuntu-devel] Lubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish) Released!

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Mon Oct 22 20:54:50 UTC 2018

On 10/22/18 12:54 PM, Walter Lapchynski wrote:
> On 2018-10-22 10:52, Aere Greenway wrote:
>> On 10/21/18 10:13 PM, Walter Lapchynski wrote:
>>>>> On 10/20/18 2:13 PM, Aere Greenway wrote:
>>>>>> 3. On past levels of Lubuntu, Thunderbird Mail was the e-mail
>>>>>> client.
>>> Nope, it was always Sylpheed.
>> The potential problem, is that if it won't run on Lubuntu
> Not a problem at all. Any package in the repositories should work just
> fine. The only problem with Thunderbird (and any other GTK app) is that
> it's likely to bring a bunch of libraries along with it.
>> Do snap package installations work on Lubuntu?
> The important thing to remember here is the sentiment behind the
> statement above: Lubuntu *IS* Ubuntu. Ubuntu, ultimately, is the
> software in the repositories. The thing that makes the canonical (here
> the lowercase is intentional) Ubuntu OS what it is is a particular
> selection of packages. This is also true with Lubuntu and every other
> flavor of Ubuntu. But they all have the repositories in common.
> That said, you can most certainly install a snap package. There are
> those in the Lubuntu team that have been a little resistant to the idea
> of snaps, in particular the extra overhead required by `snapd` so we
> [blacklist it][1] by default, but by some stroke of luck it ended up on
> the images and installed systems anyways, so have at it. ☺
> [1]:
> https://phab.lubuntu.me/source/lubuntu-seed/browse/cosmic/?grep=snap

Thanks.  Both answers will work for me.


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