[lubuntu-users] Back to Kindergarten

Chris Schram chrispam1 at me.com
Mon Oct 22 05:33:53 UTC 2018

On 2018-10-22, Walter Lapchynski
<wxl at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 06:47:50AM +0000, Chris Schram wrote:
>> inscrutable names under System Tools and Preferences
> Inscrutable how? Which ones?

There are several "alphabet soup" names in the menus that might mean
something to a power user, but not to me. There are several settings
that I have never seen before in older versions of Lubuntu. (Sorry, I
don't have Lubuntu running just now, so I can't be as specific as you'd
like.) I couldn't find any setting to display Trash and volumes on my
>> useful items missing from those menus 
> Such as?

Software Updater for one. However I was able to install it later.
>> I've figured out how to restore a few of my favorite AWOL features
> Let me guess: this is an upgrade from a previous version? If so, that's
> bound to give you trouble. In fact, the release notes (you did read
> those, right?) cautions specifically against it.

Not an upgrade. This was a clean 64-bit install to VirtualBox. In fact,
I went through the whole process twice, because it looked so screwy the
first time.
>> What online help I've found is too out-of-date to  be relevant.
> Did you notice [the manual][1] currently targets 18.10 primarily and
> that it even has [a section][2] concerning upgrades?

I confess I did not read the whole manual. However, what I did read did
not show me to how to solve my desktop issue.
>> I want to see the Trash icon on my desktop.
>> I want to see my mounted volumes on my desktop.
> Both of these things are handled by pcmanfm-qt, which is set to handle
> them by default. This is done by invoking it with `/usr/bin/pcmanfm-qt
> --desktop --profile=lxqt` which is done via
> /etc/xdg/autostart/lxqt-desktop.desktop.

OK, pcmanfm-qt is the File Manager. I get that. Where is the command
that lets me display the Trash and volumes. on my desktop?

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