[lubuntu-users] Cosmic Lu - NEXT 18.10 -- bug reports filed

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 19:03:11 UTC 2018

et al:

So, as mentioned, just for kicks I upgraded Lu Next 18.04 to 18.10, trying
to get around a few issues I reported here . . . and, it doesn't seem
radically different, but I did find a few problems running the amd64 on a
Mac Pro 5,1 with the install and I filed some bug reports.  I couldn't find
out whether there is a difference between Lu Next 18.10 & Lu 18.10 . . . so
as far as making the effort to do something on the tracker I ran out of

Bug report # 1798175 . . . previously in Lu Next 18.04 my toolbar panel
preference is for "top" . . . now in 18.10 the toolbar "launches" in the
middle of the display and then "jumps" through time and space to the
appointed "top" position.  It's a distraction and different than the 18.04

Bug report # 1798176 . . . kind of a "deal breaker" for my regular use of
Lu Next is the lack of wake from suspend via key stroke or mouse click;
previously in Lu Next 18.04 this would be "intermittent" . . . sometimes it
would wake up via key stroke and then sometimes not; now in 18.10 it is
generally "not" . . . have to use the power button to revive from suspend.

Added into this bug I noted that the splash shows "ubuntu 18.10" rather
than "lubuntu next 18.10"

That's the report on recent upgrade to Lu Next 18.10 . . . generally a nice
user interface, but with a few issues that kind of kick it down as a daily
user because I like to suspend and revive through out the work flow. : - )

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