[lubuntu-users] Desktop crashing (18.04)?

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Sun Nov 25 19:41:32 UTC 2018

(sorry - I neglected to post this reply to the entire group)

On 11/25/18 10:50 AM, Mark F wrote:
> Ever since I upgraded to LTS 18.04, PCmanfm crashes every 3-4 days 
> (sometimes more than once a day. Sometimes it takes two weeks.).[1]
> I guess I was thinking it would be fixed, so I never said anything 
> here. (And, I guess I became used to it after a few months.). I 
> haven't seen anyone else mentioned it.
> So, I'm wondering: is it just me? Or, is it low priority because LXQt 
> is superseding LXDE? (If the latter, isn't that problematic for an 
> LTS? If the former, is there some debugging i can turn on to see 
> what's happening so it could be reported/fixed?).
> Thanks in advance! It's not a terrible problem. I could live with it 
> until 19.04 when I might make the upgrade to the Qt version if it's 
> ready for prime time then.
> [1] I have to restart it from the command line using "pcmanfm 
> --desktop &disown"

I have not had any problems with PCManFM, though I only use my 18.04 
systems for testing, and for music performance.

There is a behavior of it that may seem like crashing (that isn't 
actually a crash) though.

The default behavior in the case where it is showing a removable drive 
folder, when the removable drive is ejected, is to close any tab showing 
a folder on the removable drive.  If that is the only folder (only tab) 
being viewed, PCManFM terminates, which may seem like a crash.

I usually like to see if the removable drive is actually ejected (no 
longer in the left pane), so I change PCManFM's behavior 
(Edit...Preferences) so that instead of terminating any tabs viewing the 
removable drive, it switches to viewing the home folder.



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