[lubuntu-users] Bionic B Lu - NEXT 18.04 Live Testing . . . sans instructions

Simon Quigley tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 27 00:47:53 UTC 2018


On 03/26/2018 07:44 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> to whom:
> Took over an hour to zsync the standard edition Lu 18.04 iso and change
> it to the Lu-Next 18.04 . . . and burned it to dvd and booted it up and
> spent an hour or so rifling through it . . . .  Visually interesting
> options going with the "Frost" theme and staying with the "Oxygen" . . .
> theme as far as the toolbar and drop down menus goes.
> Not quite ready to run an install, I may or may not get there, some
> things are seemingly a tad "unfinished" and took me awhile to get passed
> the "choose your window manager" window . . . as "X11" was at the top,
> but wouldn't select, and then scrolling down showed "x-window manager"
> and that seemed to be the only option for window manager, so then why
> ask to "choose" a wm?? 
> And, then into the blackness of the OpenBox de . . .but, then the
> right-click drop down menus weren't there, etc.  Got that done, then
> when I minimized the Falkon window it "showed" it closing to the bottom
> of the screen, but didn't "re-appear" by mousing around . . . and
> finally got the toolbar config going and added some widgets, and messed
> around with the themes.
> A few problems showed up that I couldn't work around: adding the "world
> clock" widget would not show the time in the toolbar, clicking on the
> area would show the drop down calendar, and right-click would show
> "configuration" but the time never showed, whereas the other toolbar
> items that were open did show there.
> "HTOP" wouldn't launch from clicking the menu item, but GParted did.
> T-bird didn't "close" using toolbar drop down menu, but Falkon did.

To be clear, Lubuntu Next is not what will become 18.04, it's the
Lubuntu with LXQt that we're experimenting with.

All of these problems are known, but we're spending our time polishing
the LXDE Lubuntu that ships as an LTS in about a month.


Simon Quigley
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