[lubuntu-users] Lu Next Accessories . . . not all make appearance??

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 01:13:40 UTC 2018


Spent a few moments rifling through Lu Next 18.04 today . . . couldn't seem
to find a "hardware" identification app in the "prefs" or "settings" . . .
in various MATE iterations there is an app in "settings" that shows the
cpu, video card, ram . . . other stuff that is or can be handy to know . .
. is there something like that in Lu Next?

Other point of business, so while I was clicking on everything to see what
it was or does, seems like some of the items in >Accessories don't exactly
"open" the listed items??  I recall over in Mint that "compton" might have
opened a window that showed various options for wm?  Today, when I clicked
on compton there seemed to be a momentary "flash" as though something
"happened" or changed . . . but no window opened or app launched??  Is that
what is supposed to happen?

Same in Qlipper . . . nothing opened . . . .

Clicking on Qtpass . . . brings an error window that says "GnuPG not found"
. . . and then suggests to download it from one or two sources . . .
canceling those two windows then opens what possibly is the preference page
for the app . . . .

Is any or none of this known and/or bug related?

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