[lubuntu-users] No desktop appears on reboot of lubuntu 17.10

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 14:53:12 UTC 2018

On 01/24/2018 10:05 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Setup:
> lubuntu 17.10 as vbox vm guest on Solaris-11 (openindiana) host.
> Host harware is HP xw8600 workstation.
> Vbox version is 5.2.6
> This is a pretty recent install (a few days old) but has been working
> normally thru several reboots over a few days.
> I did do an update thru the software updater tool during the last
> uptime before the recent reboot where this problem showed up.. Not sure
> what was installed during the update perhaps it is recorded somewhere?
> But more than 1 item was installed.
> What I see on a bootup is the appearance of the greeter with login
> box.  I then login, after the login is accepted, in a few moments I
> see the white cursor arrow appear on a black screen... .. After
> waiting a bit I began to realize that the regular desktop was not
> going to put in an appearance.
> Since then, I've given reboots a nice long wait to make sure my
> desktop was, in fact, mia.
> So a black screen but no panel or icons, and its not possible to get
> any response with mouse
> Really had no clue how to debug but guessed it would be one of the
> components of the lxde setup.
> `aptitude search lxde' showed the meta pkg `lxde' and all the
> components as not being installed (because the lubuntu-desktop was
> installed at install) I thought maybe if I installed all lxde
> components ... whatever was broken might get fixed....  It did not
> ... still getting the black screen after the greeter login is
> accepted.
> I'm also running `bionic' (beta lubuntu?) in a vbox vm as well, and so
> far this has not happened there.  Though it does make me a bit `gun
> shy' about allowing the update software tool to make any updates.
Hi Harry,

It would benefit us to learn the contents of your xerrors, as I suspect
this would give an indication as to what went wrong.

You can also drop to a TTY (not sure how to do this in VBox since I use
virt-manager) and then log in there.  Once logged in you can copy your:




you can also check dmesg and look at systemd logs via journalctl

You can use journalctl for kernel logs also alternatively by using the
--dmesg option

I think by looking at the xsession errors it might give a clue what

Did you install any software on top of the vanilla Lubuntu install?


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