[lubuntu-users] lenovo_wmi or acer_wmi for Lenovo laptops (64bit)

Richard H. McCullough rhm at pioneerca.com
Fri Jan 19 19:21:35 UTC 2018


 Thank you!
 Finding the modules was the key to answering my questions.
 I found the same two modules (acer-wmi.ko and hid-lenovo.ko)
 and  lsmod | egrep  'wmi | lenovo'  gives:
 wmi                    24576  2 wmi_bmof,ideapad_laptop
 In answer to your questions:
 I used unetbootin to create a live Lubuntu 16.04.3 on flash drive.
 I assumed that unetbootin checked the md5sum.
 I  executed Lubuntu "Software Updater".
 I decided to try re-installing.
 I am now on release 4.13.0-26-generic, which is the same release that failed previously.
 This time I see no problems.
 My conclusion is that I previously had a corrupted kernel.
 The clock gives London time on Windows and Los Angeles time on Lubuntu.
I'll check cmos battery.

Richard H. McCullough

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