[lubuntu-users] trying to set i3 window manager only but a different one keeps showing up

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 13:34:20 UTC 2018

On 02/13/2018 07:08 AM, Felipe M. Vieira wrote:
>> Hi Felipe,
>> You should be able to configure this using something like 'Session Settings'
>> I only have LXQt running on my machine so I do not remember the name of
>> the program.  The LXQt version is much different than the Lubuntu GTK
>> one is.
>> The GTK one is a bit more scattered looking, and a bit more confusing
>> (well at least the last time I used it).  So, you will have to look for
>> the startup applications, or an option to set the desktop handler. 
>> PCManFM can be run without handling the desktop, and unlike some of the
>> other FM (like Nautilus aka Files) PCManFM does not impose this feature
>> by default.  So, somewhere in your startup applications settings PCManFM
>> is being set to run with its --desktop option.
>> I am sorry that I cannot be more detailed, but I have not used the GTK
>> version of Lubuntu in a couple years, I am really interested in where
>> LXQt can go, mostly because:
>> <rant>
>> GTK has become increasingly worse with each new release.  The devs
>> consistently drop really useful things and deprecate needed features. 
>> But it isn't that I don't like Lubuntu in GTK form, just the GTK+ APIs.
>> Qt has tended to add features and make itself more modular in the past
>> few years, rather than making itself more monolithic and have less
>> features like GTK has been doing.
>> </rant>
>> --
>> Regards
> Hey Israel,
> I got it:
> "lxsession-default-apps" > "core applications" > "Desktop manager" from
> "filemanager" to blank.
> Now none of those annoying windows show up again! Thanks, your
> indications were very precise :)
> --
> Felipe Martins Vieira
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Hi Felipe!

Glad to hear you got it figured out, I will save your e-mail so I can
find the exact name for next time!


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