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Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 15:45:35 UTC 2018

>    1. Re:  Sunsetting i386 (Ludwig Causilla Leyva)
> Well the official announce tell me that i must find another distro in
> april 2019, it´s been a good time with Lubuntu but my dear "trilobite"
> (a very very very old laptop) has not 64 bits support...  I know it will
> be 32 bit support until 2021 but it´s not the same...
> Was a good time but here (in Cuba) it´s not too easy to change the
> hardware so i must find support on another place...
> --Ludwig Causilla Leyva
>  Ing. en Ciencias Informáticas.
>  Administrador de Red en JCCE Abreus 2
> teléfono: 540 348
> > Full announcement is here: https://lubuntu.me/sunsetting-i386/
> >
> > The short version is that Lubuntu 19.04+ will no longer be released on
> > the i386 architecture.


The **other** option is to "do nothing" and just run the machine to ground
with the last operating system you have in it now.  It's very likely that
it is perfectly adequate to do everything you might need, usually there
continues to be basic upgrades available for awhile, and possibly you
could, if apt doesn't do it, **manually** download your choice of browser
and install it???  Those of us who were/are PPC users have had to suffer
the "loss of the latest offering" for awhile now . . . "stuck" in the past
with 16.04 . . . <sniff> <waaaaahhhhhh> . . . .  The machine might break
down before the OS would become totally useless, etc.  Time is more
valuable than shopping around for another linux distro . . . .  : - 0

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