[lubuntu-users] Sunsetting i386

Ludwig Causilla Leyva ludwig.causilla at cfg.jovenclub.cu
Sun Dec 23 13:36:06 UTC 2018

Well the official announce tell me that i must find another distro in
april 2019, it´s been a good time with Lubuntu but my dear "trilobite"
(a very very very old laptop) has not 64 bits support...  I know it will
be 32 bit support until 2021 but it´s not the same... 

Was a good time but here (in Cuba) it´s not too easy to change the
hardware so i must find support on another place... 

Ludwig Causilla Leyva 
 Ing. en Ciencias Informáticas.
 Administrador de Red en JCCE Abreus 2
teléfono: 540 348  

El 2018-12-21 01:50, Simon Quigley escribió:

> Full announcement is here: https://lubuntu.me/sunsetting-i386/
> The short version is that Lubuntu 19.04+ will no longer be released on
> the i386 architecture.
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