[lubuntu-users] GIMP 2.8.x resizing for printer

Basil Fernie basil at pop.co.za
Wed Dec 5 11:18:07 UTC 2018

Since the spotlight is on GIMP, I make bold to put up a question which 
perhaps I will have to redirect to another forum:

I'm using/trying to use GIMP 2.8.2 under MX17.1 (I do use Lubuntu a lot 
too! but I'm trying to nurture a young MX user) and finding one problem: 
I cannot resize the image size from the screen original size to print at 
a different size even when following the explicit directions in the GIMP 
manual. Do any of the Lubuntu users of GIMP 2.8.x find this problem?

The obvious work-around, to install GIMP 2.10.8 to MX17.1, fails 
because, it seems, this upgrade is disallowed by the software 
installation facility in MX17.1. The /other/ obvious workaround, to do 
the GIMP work on Lubuntu 18.10, has environmental and upstream 
implications which I don't really want to spend time on.

So, any quick comments from the Lubuntu experience with resizing GIMP 
images for printed images?

Basil Fernie

On 03/12/18 23:10, Mark F wrote:
> I wanted to post back here with an update (after I posted the straces 
> to the bug report[1] for PCManFM and GIMP 2.10.8 crashing).
> User @Janos (msg #54) said GIMP 2.8.x was crashing for him (it was 
> fine for me the whole time PCManFM was crashing in the previous 
> version of Lubuntu, which I strongly believe was 17.04). He switched 
> to a PPA-served apt package of GIMP (not the "flatpack" version GIMP 
> officially(?) serves. He said his GIMP crashes went away. (Whereas, my 
> GIMP crashes began with 2.10.x, which I installed from flatpack.).
> So, I uninstalled my flatpack 2.10.8, and setup the PPA[2] and that 
> "apt-get install" version of GIMP (still 2.10.8) loads much faster. I 
> also noticed it doesn't cause the *profuse* PCManFM logging (when I 
> strace PCManFM). That GIMP hasn't crashed yet.
> I really believe there's something about the official(?) flatpack GIMP 
> that entangles itself with PCManFM's crashing behavior (for those 
> experiencing it). The PCManFM strace logging was phenomenal using the 
> flatpack GIMP. Twenty-one seconds of logging was over 60mb. When I 
> switched to the PPA package of GIMP, the logging virtually stopped 
> (when GIMP was the active window).
> I just wanted to give that update here in case anyone else is having 
> that issue.
> [The PCManFM crash isn't very bad for me. I don't mind restarting 
> PCManFM every few days. But, that GIMP crashing was *painful*. It 
> would crash 3-4 times while editing an image. Sometimes after 10-15 
> minutes of getting the colors "just right." I don't think I could live 
> with that for too long.]
> [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcmanfm/+bug/1782984
> [2] sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp
> sudo apt update
> sudo apt install gimp

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