[lubuntu-users] Keyboard configuration error on Lubuntu 16.04.3 LTS?

Ludwig Causilla ludwig.causilla at cfg.jovenclub.cu
Fri Sep 15 19:44:58 UTC 2017

Hi everyone, recently i think i discover a bug with de Key that 
enable/disable the audio on my old Gateway Laptop (AMD Turion(tm) 64 
Mobile Technology ML-30 proccesor and 1,5 GB of RAM). If someone use the 
Function key and use HOME the system turn off de audio (that's OK) 
but... I use the same key combination the audio remains mute.  I've 
tried to use the audio up combination on my laptop (function + PgUp) but 
it just increase the audio level with the audio muted.  To disable the 
mute audio it have to use de mousepad and disable it from the audio 
applet in the panel.

I write to this list because on Telegram Lubuntu's channel told me that 
here i can get answers to my problem.

Thanks for your time and... sorry for my very bad cuban's english 
redaction ;)

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