[lubuntu-users] Intel Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC and Lubuntu

Raymond Mercier mercier.raymond at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 15:37:07 UTC 2017

I recently bought an Intel Compute Stick model STCK1A8LFC so I could turn
an unused HDMI monitor into an internet browsing computer.  The computer is
now considered obsolete by Intel, but several places still have them new in
box at about $40.00 USD.

I computer comes with Ubuntu 14.04 installed and when it goes to perform an
update, good bye computer.  It does not have enough disk space.

Intel has updated BIOS for this computer on their website (Version 0035)
and if you update your BIOS (instructions are on the Intel site) you can
then boot from a USB stick with Lubuntu 17.10 (I used Rufus, a free
download that will burn a bootable ISO image to a USB stick).  Boot into
"Try without installing" and use "gparted" in system tools to totally
remove any partitions on the 7.7 Gb internal hard drive.  (If you have
never used "gparted" you must click on the check mark on the menu bar to
execute your instruction.  I recommend executing after each change.) Then
install Lubuntu 17.10 and you will have a perfectly operating Intel Compute
Stick with working sound and video.

Thank you so much to the Lubuntu creators and contributors for keeping this
handy little computer alive and running!  (And boo to Intel for not
supporting a computer that is still being sold new throughout the world. I
sent Intel this same information, but I have not seen any update to their
website at this time.)
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