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Joe Smith justman111111 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 07:26:19 UTC 2017

Hi there,

But like aren't there any repositories that allow you to upload whatever
you want to? Yes I know most of the stuff in the repository is free as in
freedom, but are their repositories itself that is free as in freedom where
the user can upload whatever they wanted to?


On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 1:14 PM, Israel <israeldahl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi again.
> On 11/11/2017 08:01 PM, Joe Smith wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> Yes I was the one at IRC and asked this question. Thanks for letting me
> know :) Are there other repositories that are free as in freedom that allow
> any users to upload content directly to it, even if it contained illegal
> stuff (such as connecting users to blackmarkets (such as drugs and
> ammunition stores etc)), not that I plan to off course download such
> content but was rather curious if such a repository exists?
> You should use your own server for that.
> The things you describe sound like websites, rather than Debian apt
> packages (compiled programs/scripts/etc...).
> Lubuntu is a set of programs to give you freedom on your computer to use
> it directly, without giving up your freedom to a proprietary OS.
> There are a variety of web browsers you can use to connect to websites,
> though I would *strongly advise* against your mentioned usage.  If you
> wanted privacy because you were in an oppressive country trying to have
> more freedom of information I would give you names of programs you could
> use to help, as well as specific distributions which would make your
> internet activity less easy to track.
> Regards
> Joe
> --
> Regards
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