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Hi there marathonrunner,
Sorry for your experience. What do you need help with? Maybe can help. Ubuntu forums are not best place for help. Honesty neither is here as its really a distribution development mailing list mostly. You are likely going to get curt answers, ignored, or attitudes in response to simple questions here. People who use 1990's era mailing lists are not ones one generally should go to first for help with Linux. Better place for help is to try a forum like LinuxQuestions.org or LXDE forums (https://forum.lxde.org/). Was so turned off to Ubuntu community almost went back to Windows. But contrary to what they try to portray they do not represent Linux. Its sad though that there is the perception that Ubuntu is Linux. It isn't. Use Lubuntu now instead of Arch with LXDE but go elsewhere for questions. Still there is definitly a place for Ubuntu and they do great stuff in many ways, but wouldn't come to for help. Do not follow this list closely so didn't see what your exact issue is but feel free to reach out directly.
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