[lubuntu-users] Bootable clone app for Lubuntu

Mark F azdays15 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 23:32:44 UTC 2017

I may be way off base, but whenever I used Clonezilla I downloaded "Live"
,iso file from the Clonezilla site. I boot from that, and follow the

I found Clonezilla very useful. But, one thing I never understood is why
you have to restore to the same size (or larger) drive. Maybe that's common
with any of the image tools. It seemed like a significant limitation to me.
But, maybe I'm not understanding something about it.


On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 1:50 PM, Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Latest update, on the GUI app front . . . I tried to use Synaptic to
> install Clonezilla and/or DRBL as well . . . they were the apps that showed
> up on a search of "clonezilla" . . . and both "error-ed out" on dependency
> issues and/or "broken packages" . . . ??  Synaptic claims to have "fixed
> the dependency problem successfully" . . . but then refused to try to
> install the packages.
> Ran update/upgrade && -f install in the console, and "autoclean" &
> "autoremove" . . . then checking in Lubuntu Software Services with the term
> "clonezilla" && "drbl" . . . shows "nothing found" . . . so there must be
> something about Clonezilla that doesn't "fit" with Lubuntu????
> Anyway, I checked the Yaboot conf file, and I found the "append" line, so
> I could just run a fresh install if and when I get a new looks llike it
> will be SSD . . . in the linux partition.  Very slow to get this post typed
> out, back to the fan blowing and nothing happening very fast . . . possibly
> due to "pre-failure" HD feelings of inadequacy ???
> F
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