[lubuntu-users] Lubuntu Zesty Zapus Alpha 2 has been released!

Ronald Frye ronfrye at comcast.net
Sat Jan 28 16:58:00 UTC 2017

Simon, et al...

The last release of Firefox for Lubuntu does not work on my laptop. (The 
Firefox application seems to "barf" when it checks for compatible 
extensions, ending the application. I've sent the error report to the makers 
of Firefox, but so far there has been no fix.) Chromium never did work, so 
I'm no longer able to browse the Web using Lubuntu. What do I do now? Is 
there someone I can communicate with that can help me with this problem?

Ronald Frye

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Subject: [lubuntu-users] Lubuntu Zesty Zapus Alpha 2 has been released!

Lubuntu Zesty Zapus Alpha 2 (soon to be 17.04) has been released!

We have a couple papercuts listed in the release notes[1], so please take a
look. We also have been having some artwork problems that you should be 
of, the details are in the release notes.

You can grab the images from here:

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZestyZapus/Alpha2/Lubuntu

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 at lubuntu.me
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
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