[lubuntu-users] [lubuntu-devel] Call for testing: Artful Aardvark Beta 1

Artemgy launchpad at artmg.org
Thu Aug 31 18:40:52 UTC 2017

> Temporary failure in name resolution".
> slangasek> and whether the problem is broadly reproducible

Testing on Lubuntu Next desktop i386 20170831 I did not manage to
reproduce the issue, but then the LXDE and LXQT stacks are probably
quite different! Name resolution via nslookup and ping fine over wired
and wireless. I'll see if I have time to install LXDE version to

However I DID find that, out of the box, Connection Manager is broken so
I had to use the terminal to enter the PSK before I could connect to
wifi. I hope it's only me as that would _not_ be a good experience for
people kicking the tyres on Next - I know we don't plan on keeping Gnome
NM on LXQT, but still! Bug details in

Has anyone else seen issues with Connection Manager in Lubuntu Next,
either on i386 or amd64?


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