[lubuntu-users] "Software" and Ubuntu One?

Mark F azdays15 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 15:38:40 UTC 2016

I switched to Xubuntu a few weeks ago. I thought I would force myself to
use it until 16.10. (I wanted a little more eye candy. But, something about
Xfce is frustrating to me. I'm glad to be back to Lxde). I encountered the
"Software" software there. When I saw it again in Lubuntu 16.10 it felt
like a step backwards.

I don't understand why anyone would create a new software center, recreate
the wheel (leading to problems like progress indicators that don't work,
requiring credentials when they aren't needed, and don't work) when they
could have taken over (or forked) something that worked really (really)
well: Lubuntu Software Center.

I have used apt-get a lot. If I know what I need to install, I do it that
way. But, when looking for things to install, I like a "software center"
which narrows the choices. The Synaptic package manager is nice as a UI to
the command line. But, it shows a lot of stuff you're not normally
interested in. (Searching for GIMP produces a lot of output to wade through
when all you want is GIMP.).

As a side note: My foray into Xubuntu was due to how Ubuntu (as an
organization) does wacky stuff like this. Initially I was going to use Mint
Xfce. To me, Mint (as an org) seems more inclined to view things from the
user's perspective. But, it doesn't have the support community Ubuntu has.
You can be stranded if you have trouble. So, I used Xubuntu for my trial at
loving Xfce.

I'm glad to be back. I'm looking forward to LXQt. I was getting impatient,
that's why I tried Xfce.

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 11:43 AM, Ian Bruntlett <ian.bruntlett at gmail.com>

> In the pre-release I did try to use "Software" to install packages.
> Couldn't work out how it was meant to be used so I defaulted to Synaptic
> Package Manager. I can use the command line (sudo apt-get install) at a
> pinch.
> BW,
> Ian
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