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Jörn Schönyan joern.schoenyan at web.de
Sat Oct 8 05:10:03 UTC 2016

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the only distributions with support for 32bit UEFI are Debian 8 and Archlinux. But this isn't a real problem. The showstoppers are the other problems. The SoC is known to freeze regularly: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109051

There is no stable driver for the built-in Wifi, the graphics stack can crash when KMS kicks in, the sound card driver is incomplete and very tricky and I don't know if Bluetooth works. 

I guess these reasons are already enough to stay away from Intel Bay Trail. Afaik, Cherry Trail is a bit better. But I hope that AMD will release something less painful soon. 

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Am 8. Oktober 2016 00:25:16 MESZ, schrieb scrooyahoo at riseup.net:
>Hi everyone,
>Someone has asked me if i want to Buntify a Asus X205TA.
>I sure want to do that, but ...
>I'm a bit reluctant to try this since there doesn't seem to be any 
>official release availabe for this type of hardware
>(Atom Z3735F) Is Linuxium.com.au the only *buntu that supports this 
>hardware, or is there also an official ubuntu available?  I have send 
>the duck out for answers but the duck mainly brings me to Linuxium and 
>Ubuntu forum posts that either show the DIY method or also point to 
>Lubuntu seems to me the most obvious distro to run on that hardware 
>since it is in the "lower performance" segment.
>Still very capable hardware but also very portable hardware. The most 
>cost effective portable hardware on the market today is based on Atom 
>Z3735 chips. So that in itself seems to make a lot of sense to have a 
>distro available to replace Windows.
>Just for people who don't want to use windows.
>The main hurdle seems to be the 32bit UEFI. Most old BIOS based
>can't boot El torito images with UEFI.
>That would then need a complete new .iso release for that platform 
>Is this mainly a matter of having the resources to build such image or 
>is the 32bit UEFI still not good enough to provide official support?
>At this point I want to tell that person to just buy a $99 Core2Duo 
>based laptop that weighs 3 times as much unless i can find a official 
>distro. I don't mind to DIY on hardware that i own, but my recent 
>Macbook experience learned me that it is a headache to DIY on hardware 
>that is owned by someone else. This why i like to know if some official
>distro exists for Z3725 based boxes.
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