[lubuntu-users] Boot Lubuntu from USB bios & uefi

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 19:13:00 UTC 2016

Den 2016-11-30 kl. 19:48, skrev Wilbert Heeringa:
> Dear all,
> For a course in Ivory Coast I want to distribute USB sticks with Lubuntu
> Linux and a Docker container inside. Docker works only for 64 bits OS,
> so I need a 64 bits version.
> Since I don't know whether the students' computers work with BIOS or
> UEFI, it would be great to create bootable pendrives that work for any
> computer.
> I studied a bit about syslinux and found this very complicated, and also
> very risky. This is simply too much for me.
> I looked around further and found this site:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UEFI-and-BIOS
> <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UEFI-and-BIOS>
> with a repository of images at:
> http://phillw.net/isos/linux-tools/uefi-n-bios/
> made by Phil Whiteside. That looks wonderful. My question is now: is
> there also a 64 bit version available? For some it is explicitely
> indicated that they are meant for i386 (so I should not use them), but I
> feel unsure about the other ones.
> Also: we buy either 8GB or 16 GB pendrives. Which image would work best?
> Best regards,
> Wilbert

Dear Wilbert,

The UEFI-and-BIOS systems dated May 2016 are 64-bit. These systems are 
*installed* systems (can be installed into USB sticks, SSDs, HDDs or 
memory cards, and works like a normal installed system).

If you intend to use the USB sticks also for installing systems into 
other computers, it might be a good idea to have live systems or 
persistent live systems. The Lubuntu 64-bit iso files can also boot in 
both BIOS and UEFI mode.

Is it possible that some student has a 32-bit computer? You can make 
persistent live systems with 32-bit Lubuntu, that can boot in both 
32-bit computers and 64-bit computers, and in both BIOS and UEFI mode. 
This is when you use the usb-pack-efi for booting.

So maybe you should make some master USB sticks just to check that they 
work for you, and maybe bring more than one configuration, even if I 
understand that the focus is on 64-bit systems.


It is much easier to find USB 3 pendrives with good performance among 
those with 16 GB. See this link and links from it for details about the 
data transfer speed of pendrives.


Best regards

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