[lubuntu-users] Upgraded to Lubuntu 16.10, lost monitor detection

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Fri Nov 11 16:37:09 UTC 2016

On 11/11/2016 01:43 AM, Ben Coleman wrote:
> I've just upgraded one of my machines from Lubuntu 16.04 to Lubuntu
> 16.10, and find that my resolution has gone from 1600x900 to 1280x1024.
> The video adapter is an Nvidia Geforce 6200, and the monitor is an Acer
> K222HQL, attached via DVI.  The monitor was correctly detected under
> 16.04, but I now find that the Monitor Settings dialog shows it as a
> 'Default Monitor'.  This failure to detect the monitor occurs whether
> I'm using the Nvidia binary driver or using the Nouveau driver.  Any
> idea if this is a know bug, or if there is anything I can do to fix it?
> Ben


This problem has affected me too.

At least two of the monitors in my test bed are now treated as default 
monitors - including a fairly modern Samsung SyncMaster 2220 WM.

There is a complicated way, using a command-line interface, that allows 
you to overcome this.

Unfortunately, as is typical of command-line interfaces, it requires you 
to remember a lot of detailed information, and I have already forgotten 
how to fix it, and can't find the e-mails from this list that enabled me 
to work-around the problem.

It would be good if under "Preferences", the "Monitor Settings" tool, 
would let you set the display to parameters you knew worked before 
upgrading to the new system level, but it does not provide this.

I hope there is a good reason so much currently working hardware is 
being abandoned by Linux.

On the other hand, if this abandonment is accidental (and some list was 
accidentally left out), that the problem could possibly be corrected.


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