[lubuntu-users] Acer with Intel Celeron N2840

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Thu May 12 12:45:10 UTC 2016

On 05/12/2016 06:11 AM, 0iras0r wrote:
> I edit the grub2 as you suggest..
>> Then change:
>> quiet splash
>> TO
>> nomodeset
> after doing this, when I tried to shut down
> ....stuff closed ok....
> ......................
> .......................
> r8169 0000:03:00.0 System wake up enabled by ACPI <-----Maybe the issue
> is here!!! =D
Did this work completely?  I don't fully understand your reply.
ACPI is the  Advanced Configuration and Power Interface so it does have 
something to do with acpi, indeed!

If it didn't work you could try using some acpi options
Here is the EXHAUSTIVE kernel parameters list

acpi=off might work as a temporary test... but I don't recommend adding 
it as a kernel parameter permanently
go through and test the other 'Format' options

acpi={force | off | strict | noirq | rsdt | copy_dsdt}

This is the snippet from the page:

acpi=		[HW,ACPI,X86,ARM64]
			Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
			Format: { force | off | strict | noirq | rsdt |
				  copy_dsdt }
			force -- enable ACPI if default was off
			off -- disable ACPI if default was on
			noirq -- do not use ACPI for IRQ routing
			strict -- Be less tolerant of platforms that are not
				strictly ACPI specification compliant.
			rsdt -- prefer RSDT over (default) XSDT
			copy_dsdt -- copy DSDT to memory
			For ARM64, ONLY "acpi=off" or "acpi=force" are available

			See also Documentation/power/runtime_pm.txt, pci=noacpi



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