[lubuntu-users] Does the computer support "suspend"?

Peter Golis golisp at centrum.sk
Sun May 8 10:43:31 UTC 2016

Hello Gentlemans,
As first, do you talk about Suspend to RAM or hibernation to disk?
Suspend to ram does not have big sense on laptop which have battery older than 10 years, but hibernation to disk will make sense. There is no entry in lxde-logout for hibernation, and I believe that button will exist in LXQT. Hibernation works on my PPC box without any issue, but using standard command line "systemctl hibernate". Kernel parameter for resume partition is required, of course. 
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> Dátum: 08.05.2016 03:43
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On Sat, May 7, 2016 at 3:36 PM, Israel <israeldahl at gmail.com <israeldahl at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hey Fritz, try:
 sudo pm-is-supported --suspend && (( $? == 0 )) && echo "Yeah, it works"
 This will be more clear.
 If it works, it will tell you :D
 I am not sure if those ATI Rage cards suspend at all... sorry.


Well, they "sleep" in OSX . . . : - )  But, seemingly running this latest command did not bring back "Yeah" . . . it just returned to blinking prompt.
Emptiness is our friend . . . but . . . no "suspend."  No worries, nothing new here . . . I was hoping for an "easy" way . . . supposedly on the PPCFAQ is some stuff to try, like changing video to "fbdev" . . . but, then, there would have to be an xorg.conf file, and I just haven't had the attention span for messing with it--other more pressing things to do.

But, jes sayin' . . . seems like pretty basic function to be able to "suspend" and wake and then use the computer, rather than leaving it running or shutting down between sessions, which might be an hour or two apart?

Thanks for the hints to try out though, 'precerate it.F
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