[lubuntu-users] Acer with Intel Celeron N2840

0iras0r pistacho at inventati.org
Wed May 4 23:38:36 UTC 2016


A friend of mine, recently bought a Acer with Intel Celeron N2840...
He would switch to Linux (Firs Time <3) and we have incredible issues.
His intention was to install Lubuntu 16.04 on it, but after the
installation, reboot and poweroff don't work.

I found this processor at openbenchmarking.com ---->

On a ubuntu page I was able to find that with this Celeron it is not
possible to make suspension/hibernation to work.

It seems we have to Scaling the cpu governor, and do other stuff, but I
have no experience on this matter; Any suggestions?

I don't know what to do.. Could you help us? 

Thanks in advance.


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