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Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Fri Mar 18 15:29:43 UTC 2016


It appears that you created your Lubuntu partition as an NTFS 
file-system, which is why Windows can 'see' it.

In the past, it would not work to install a Linux system in an NTFS 
file-system (or FAT32, for that matter).  It may be that has changed (I 
haven't tried it for probably over 10 years).

Normally, you create an EXT4 partition for current levels of Lubuntu 
(Ubuntu) Linux.  Though in the future (16.04), it appears Ubuntu will be 
introducing a new file-system type.

Using a new file system type was initially a problem for me (when they 
introduced EXT4, where before it was EXT3), because the older system 
partition systems couldn't reference the new file system. If you don't 
have multiple Linux partitions, that shouldn't be a problem.

 From my experience, I recommend you delete the "Lubuntu" partition, and 
re-create it as an EXT4 file-system.  Install Lubuntu on that 
newly-created EXT4 partition (which Windows will no longer be able to see).

The GRUB boot loader is simply installed in the SDA drive (it will 
replace the Windows boot-loader with GRUB, which lets you choose which 
system to boot).  You don't specify a particular partition for the GRUB 
boot loader - you specify the disk drive itself.

If you need a file system that all of the OS's can reference, you can 
use FAT32, or perhaps NTFS.  However, Windows 8 & 8.1 (and perhaps also 
Windows 10) may not let-go of NTFS partitions when you reboot, so you 
may not be able to reference it from Linux.  It seems to release FAT32 
partitions when you reboot.

- Aere

On 03/18/2016 02:37 AM, Stephen Bradshaw wrote:
> *Topic*: Unsure of which /dev/sda to select for a Lubuntu / Windows 7 
> side by side installation.
> The only version of Lubuntu that I have hope of installing 
> successfully is 15.10. However, there's still a problem. I partitioned 
> my C: drive and called the new 30 GB partition "L" (for Lubuntu). But, 
> at the final stage of installation, the available drives and 
> partitions that Lubuntu shows are nothing like the ones Windows shows. 
> I cannot figure out which /dev/sda partition corresponds to my Windows 
> L partition.
> The clearest way to show this is with the two attachments. I'd greatly 
> appreciate if someone could tell me which /dev/sda is my Windows L.
> (I assume that the 271.5 GB 
> “free space” is my D: drive, although the size on Windows is 222 GB.)
> Many thanks,
> Steve


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